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About Me

I love to bring things back to life; whether it's an old house, a funky dresser or scraps of fabric. I am a bargain hunter at the core and live to find deals on things that others pass by. I have an eye for finding gems and seeing beauty in the neglected, discarded and unearthed.

I've spent my life collecting vintage finds and recently decided to share my collection with event & wedding planners, DIY brides, photo-stylists and photographers as rentals. Find my continually expanding collection here or email me to see if we can source something for your unique vision. I love entertaining, so I'm happy to work with you on your event.

Born and raised in the small coastal community of Muir Beach, California; I grew up with simplicity and natural elements surrounding me. My parents are both artists; my father a mason and mother a quilter. They have made me who I am and inspire me continually.

The last few years have been a bit of a whirlwind. I graduated with a green MBA and started my business Tin Roof Farmhouse as a side project. I married my sweetheart of nine years and we purchased a "farmhouse" on three acres in the Sierra foothills.  I recently left my corporate "day" job and we moved to The Farmhouse full time and are working on it with our own blood, sweat and tears bringing it back to life.

I look forward to sharing our progress on The Farmhouse, great vintage finds, inspirations, green products & tips, things I love and so much more on the blog...

A couple interesting facts to share about myself:
  1. I had 2 goats, a pig & chickens growing up, but didn't live on a farm
  2. Indian summer is my favorite time of year
  3. It took me 9 years to complete my undergrad studies, but I never used my degree in Molecular Cell Biology professionally
  4. I'm 50% swedish (from generations back)
  5. I'm not a morning person
  6. I love sangria! Made with red or white wine
  7. I was with my husband for 9 years before he proposed to me
  8. I love juxtapositions
  9. I've dreamt of owning a vintage shop since I was a child
  10. I love traditions & rituals

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