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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Still Lifes...Thanksgiving Inspiration

I truly love Thanksgiving. I love that it is one of the
few holidays that isn't centered around giving gifts,
but instead giving thanks. It is all about
coming together to celebrate gratitude,
the season's bounty & community.

This year we'll actually be spending it at
The Farmhouse, with just the two of us & our animals. Our kitchen
is gutted right now, with a two-burner electric burner,
toaster oven & microwave.  Our gorgeous Viking is sitting
in the garage waiting to be hooked up.  So we'll see
what we end up with this year.

Some images from Thanksgiving at my parents last year...

They have a gutted kitchen as well this year,
so won't be able to host dinner again.

Sweet little Sammy girl's dirty paw prints from our
annual hike out to my parents last year.

We are so very grateful to be starting
our new life & creating our dreams up at
The Farmhouse.

What are you grateful for this year?

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