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Friday, December 6, 2013

25 Days of Christmas

The Farmhouse is in a bit of chaos at the moment.
The kitchen is gutted down to the studs, the sub-floors are exposed, most of the cabinets are pulled out & a two-burner stove & toaster oven serve as our stove. The living room is standing in as a storage room for our jackets, because we have no closets. Our clothes are in piles with no closets & our awesome King sized bed is sitting on the floor in our bedroom until we have time to build the closet & a bed frame. My craft room / office is piled high filling every square inch of space with all of my rental items & everything else crafty that I own.
And I could go on & on...

But, it's the holiday season & I love decorating. So,
the one thing I can still do is to make lovely little vignettes
& capture their images. I will be posting an image a day
until Christmas via Instagram & Facebook
under the #25daysofxmas.

Below are the images from the past week...

Cheers ~ Erica

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