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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Highlighting Creative Women ~ Vendor #1: the poetry store

the poetry store
a typewriter. a poet. a vision.

What a cool business!?!

Silvi of the poetry store can be a part of your

{engagement party}
{bridal shower}
{anniversary party}
{birthday party}

She'll set up the cutest vintage typewriter
& a desk vignette. 

You pick out a unique piece of paper
(mine was stamped with pink chair silhouettes ~ so cute),
tell her what you want the poem to be about
(mine was Tin Roof Farmhouse {VINTAGE RENTALS}),
give her a few key words & then she starts typing away…

And then you have a fabulous little poem…

rain falling
on a tin roof
that makes music
of a downpour
so too life
makes music
as you move toward
making the days
fill with
your dreams
waking, building
white farmhouses
and you.

Your own little message in a bottle.

Such a great personal touch for any special event.
The perfect "favor" for your friends to take with them.

Find her at

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