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Monday, February 18, 2013

Project...Guest Bedroom

We had a long weekend at The Farmhouse and planned to complete the downstairs guest bedroom that we have been working on for sometime now. Every project seems to have 10 steps within each step. Before painting, we have to prime; before the walls we need to paint the ceiling and the trim; before laying the floor we need to finish painting the doors and door jams and before the floor goes in we need to put up the bead board siding. It's exhausting just thinking about it. So we had four days with each day planned out...

Then we realized that we really needed to address the septic system once and for all (which had flooded from the downstairs shower into the bedroom.) Obviously it didn't make sense to start laying Pergo floors if there was a chance this could happen again...

So, we dug up the pipes to the septic tank and replaced them with new pipes and a clean out closer to the tank. The 75' snake we used to clear it the last time didn't quite make it all the way to the tank from the main clean out.

So enough talk of the CRAP that got in the way of our completed guest bedroom and on to some inspiration and what we hope it turns out once we get back up to complete.

This is the basic look we're going for.

simple ~ farmhouse ~ cozy ~ white ~ rustic ~ natural

I have a hand-me-down oak dresser that I plan to paint white & use as a bedside table.

To keep things simple and functional; I like these IKEA task lights. Brings a nice balance to the all white.

We just purchased a nice bed from a friend that has simple lines and dark wood. Also a nice balance to the white.

The room has one big window along the entire side wall. We'll use simple IKEA white cotton duct curtains. I'm hoping my sweetie is up for making some curtain rods out of galvanized pipes...if not, we'll keep it simple with white to disappear into the wall.

Although oak Pergo floors would not be my first choice, we graciously accepted these "extras" from my brother's gorgeous vacation rental remodel (The Pearl in Muir Beach) and I think they'll be just perfect. 

I love maps and think a guest bedroom is the perfect spot to hang one. I'd like one of Nevada County, Baja or the coast - some of our favorite places to be.

And for a little color and farm inspiration what could be better than a watercolor of a cow?

Or a photograph?

Just to give a little context of where we started this journey, here's the BEFORE picture.


Sorry for the terrible pictures, but you get the idea...
GROSS (but with big beautiful windows to a view of the forest acre)!!

I'll be back up to The Farmhouse at the end of March
and can hopefully start to decorate the space.
I can't wait to post the AFTER pictures.

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