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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Still Lifes...bottles

I've been so busy with work, taking InDesign classes and
taking care of my sick husband, that I haven't worked much on my
blog or projects for either house. But I have been on
Pinterest way too much and I've been thinking a bunch about my
collections that I'll be able to pull out of
the attic (or my craft room turned crap room) once we finish the guest bedroom at The Farmhouse.

One item that I have collected over the years
and that make beautiful additions to
table decorations are {bottles}. See what inspires me.

My all time favorite color of old {bottles}.

White candles in clear {bottles} of differing heights make the perfect table decor for an intimate dinner party.
The perfect option for a group that chats late into the night.

I love this simple chic display for a wedding or shower. It could be perfect for a winter or spring event.

I love the single flowers and the table number.
Rustic yet sweet.

This is such a fabulous idea and could be used with
any color scheme. You could use Starbucks jars
which would be just as cute, free and it just wouldn't be right
to alter vintage milk jars.

I absolutely love the bright green flowers with the
rustic wood and cool {bottles}.

Cool for a chic vintage event. Funky yet stylized. You could make it sweet and cottagey with garden roses or super chic with a single bright green ranuncula. You could
use address numbers, paint or stamped hang tags.

For a group that appreciates wine this would be the perfect accent for table numbers. I like the vintage vibe it projects and  think the terra-cotta pot filled with herbs is perfect. This would fit a Wine Country wedding perfectly.

The perfect alter for a spring or summer wedding.

All of the images were pulled from Pinterest and can be found on my new Tin Roof Farmhouse Pinterest site: http://pinterest.com/tinrooffarm/.

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