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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Project Inspiration...this is the dream

An amazing new farmhouse built on an
organic farm in Austin, Texas.  This captures much of our vision
for The Farmhouse we are creating in the foothills of California.

I love the add-on style of this new construction home.

The design was developed to imitate the appearance of a generations old farmhouse that had been added onto and remodeled over the years to accommodate a growing and changing family.

I love the siding and tin roof.

The wrap around porch that doubles as a
dining room is perfection. 

That industrial sink is awesome!  We're looking for one for
our breezeway / mudroom.

The light open kitchen works with a mix of new and vintage.

The siding in the kitchen is the perfect backdrop for the
refurbished stove with the sleek new custom hood.

The warmth of the wood floors and linen chairs
plays nicely with the white walls.

The rustic metal bed frame is highlighted by
the gorgeous wall color.

The square claw-foot tub is super cool.

What do you think of this modern farmhouse?

All images and complete story found on Houzz.


  1. This home looks so lovely! Who would not be caught up in the beauty of a traditional home in the modern age? White is a classic color and a really good match for your tin roof, very neat looking. Anyway, this is a great inspiration and by the looks of your taste in style, your farmhouse-to-be will definitely be as good as this or maybe more than this. ;-)


  2. It's inspiring to me that you see our vision. I'm thrilled that you made a connection with this gorgeous property like I did. Your words come at the perfect time to keep us pushing forward knowing we're moving in the right direction.

    And yes! The white siding with the metal roof is perfection.

    Cheers ~ Erica

  3. This is a very cute house! The features are splendid! I agree with Joanne that the classical ambiance of white blends with the modern style of the interiors and the furnishings. I hope you already built this in your own home and I can imagine how happy you are to stay here. Keep me posted once you already have this for your own. :)

    -Julio Wells-

  4. So glad you stopped by to check out our dream...We are a ways off to making our little ranch house into the rustic yet modern farmhouse that's in our dreams & captured so well in these images. But we continue to move forward, weekend by weekend. We hope to finish our guest bedroom soon which will be a nice project to get off the list. I'll definitely be posting some pics once we complete it. Then we get to move on to gutting the bathroom & kitchen. Where the real transformation will begin.

    I hope you check back in regularly to see our progress & find some inspiration.

    Cheers ~ Erica

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