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Saturday, September 7, 2013

A New Journey...The Farmhouse

We bought our "farmhouse" almost two years ago now and have been coming up to the foothills almost every other weekend to work &/or play. We are by no means close to completing the remodel, but things finally aligned for us and we are ready to move up here full time.

This is truly our happy place!

We're so excited to start living our dream
instead of just dreaming it.

We have a ton of work to come but we couldn't be more thrilled at the opportunity and adventure that lies ahead.

I am excited about so much that's to come:
  • waking up in the trees (our own little forest) every morning
  • finishing some projects (post to follow) & starting some new ones I've pinned on my project inspiration board
  • being able to focus full-time on Tin Roof Farmhouse (more-to-come on that soon!)
  • slowing down our life a bit
  • organizing, working & playing in my new craft room / office
  • exploring our new community
  • having friends come up to experience our dream
  • creating plans for our garden beds & hopefully a chicken coop
  • creating a rustic, cozy, unique home we call The Farmhouse 

Follow along as we stumble through our dreams... 


  1. LOVE watching you live your dream.....<3

    1. You're definitely a part of making this dream a reality...Thanks for all your inspiration & support.