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Friday, March 7, 2014

Five Faves for Friday…Crafty Studio Spaces

I feel blessed to be able to turn our second upstairs bedroom
into my dream craft / office space. That being said,
it's a tiny space that I have crammed my office, some storage &
a craft area into. Because of this (& because it IS a
CRAFT room after all) I needed to get creative. These five elements helped me to create a
functional & inspiring space on a budget.

1.  Bookshelf as a Divider

I saw the image below on Pinterest & instantly knew I wanted
to use a bookcase that my father & I made using old bead board as
the back panel. This gave me a display shelf that is seen
directly upon entering the room. I'm able to create
small vignettes of my rental items to be inspired & inspire others. My craft table is sandwiched behind the bookcase
which not only creates a great "wall" to hang things from, but also hides & contains some of the clutter.

I could imagine using a curtain, an armoire or a door in the
same manner. There are definitely lots of options to try if you
get creative. We'll see how this space evolves over time.

2.  Sawhorses & Door as a Craft Table

I bought some sawhorses from IKEA & re-purposed an old hollow
door as a workspace for my old Singer sewing machine & space
to craft. I plan to paint the door a bright green (someday),
but for now it is a dingy white & works just fabulously. It's
such an easy & stylish option & it can be
easily adjusted or moved.

3.  Picture Frame as an Inspiration Board

I found a funky old window screen in the barn when we moved
to The Farmhouse & although the screen was all ripped up
it was perfect for displaying items of inspiration on rope with
clothespins. I used this at our wedding celebration to hang 
family pictures & a place to display friends WISHES for us
written on fabric scrap flags. Eventually I'll sew them
into celebration flags to hang in the breezeway.

But as seen below, you can use just about anything or
even just the wall itself as an inspiration board.
Every craft room or workspace needs one!

4.  Cubbies & Bins as Organization

I love collecting wire bins, wooden boxes, crocks & all sorts
of cubbies for corralling all of my crafty goodness. I like
seeing what I have on display, so I am inspired
(& so I remember what I have!)

5.  Windows or Good Lighting

I'm fortunate to have two big windows in my workspace to
let in a bunch of natural light. These happen to be the only
windows that were replaced with double paned ones before we
bought The Farmhouse & they cleaned up pretty well.

If you aren't that lucky…make sure to have some inspiring &
functional lighting to keep things inviting.

All the images above are credited unless they were pinned on
Pinterest without the correct link. If any of these images are
yours please be in touch so I can give you credit…

Find more inspiration on our Pinterest board: studio love.

Although we finally finished painting my craft room / office,
I've just begun to go through all of my fabric, crafts & who
knows what else has been boxed away. Once I make some sense of
the room I'll be sure to post a before & after of the space.

Here are a some snippets of a few corners…

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Cheers ~ Erica

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