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Monday, April 13, 2015

A New Venture with Some Rad Chicks at OFFtract

Last month I ventured out to Reno
for a little photoshoot, but it wasn't like
any styled shoot I had done before…

I reached out to the ladies of offTRACT a year ago via Instagram
because I saw a super cool bohemian picnic shoot they
were working on & wanted to be a part of the fun.

Well, after staying in touch via social media they 
reached out to find out if I wanted to join their team of contributors to be a guest blogger.

And of course I said yes! After freaking  out a bit
hoping I'd be able to fit it in with my schedule since I can barely keep up with my own blog
& if I could live up to their bad ass site.

So I'll be contributing a blog a month
along with 13 other contributors highlighting their passions.
Every quarter the ladies that created OFFtract
get everyone together to do a marathon of mini shoots
for each blog post.

I was able to meet a bunch of lovely & creative ladies
that all had amazing projects that will be highlighted over
the next few months.

So my first post will be focused on a tea party baby shower

Watch out for it!! And here is the offTRACT blog post.


  1. Love this post! Your talent is endless. I love your creativity!