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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Word of the Year...CREATE

I didn't plan to spend the first week of the New Year
sick in bed, but it's definitely given me time
to REFLECT on my body, my home, my business ~ basically my LIFE.

I feel very blessed to have found a place that truly feels
like HOME. I'm shocked at how satisfied & at peace I feel
since moving to The Farmhouse full-time & making a fresh start
with my husband here in the Sierra foothills. I didn't think I would be so content leaving my corporate job moving
from the Bay Area where I was born & raised.
But, I love this new crazy little life of ours that we are

I'm excited to share more of what we have planned for 2014
in some upcoming posts. As I have been reflecting on 2013 & all the change that we endured & all that we accomplished,
I continue to come back to the word CREATE when looking forward. We have already done so much with this property & our home
in the past two years, but I'm excited for all that we will be
able to accomplish together this year. Now that we are here
full-time (instead of living two chaotic lives, unable to accomplish half of what we'd like to every other weekend or so),
we can finally start to focus on some of the fun projects
we've been dreaming about around The FarmhouseWe still have a
few of the basic mechanicals of the house to complete;
more on that in a separate post - soon to come, but
we can finally start bringing our
VISION of The Farmhouse into REALITY.

Being able to give all of my focus to Tin Roof Farmhouse, instead of just late at night & on the weekends has me overflowing with ideas & plans for the year to come & beyond. I am excited to start sharing with you all that is on the HORIZON.
This year will be a year of
action, creativity & fulfillment!

So my Word of the Year for 2014 is

{ c r e a t e }

So what are you focusing on for this New Year?

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Cheers ~ Erica

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