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Friday, January 31, 2014

Five Faves for Friday...Barn Doors

We've been lusting over
BARN-STYLE DOORS for The Farmhouse
ever since we bought this place. We plan to use one for the door
between our kitchen & the breezeway, as well as from the
breezeway to the garage. We're not certain if we'll build one
or use a reclaimed door. Here are some images that are
inspiring us right now...

A cool galvanized metal door

A rustic door with white barn wood & a window

A perfect pair of chippy shabby chic painted french doors

A massive industrial metal door on concrete beams

I love everything
about this door, tracks, lights & siding

Check out more inspiring images on all our Pinterest Boards!

I'll definitely post any progress on these doors here,
until then...

Cheers ~ Erica


  1. Love where you're going with it...<3

    1. It's a ways off, but sooo fun to dream! Thanks for the support Jennine. Cheers.